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Your efforts save lives and make our communities better.  Your optimal health and performance is required.  That dedication requires drive, focus, hard work and some adherence to the 3 pillars of optimal health and performance: nutrition + exercise + supplements

Because of your commitment, I want to make a commitment back to all those that wear a badge and uniform in the one way I know how.  I want to provide you with Empowered RESULTS.

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I want to “Thank you” for everything you have done for our communities and being the owner of the ONLY company that delivers Personalized Nutrition Programs, Meal Plans and the ONLY Supplements Specifically Formulated for Empowered Personalized Nutrition Programs, this is most obvious way I can do that and say “Thank You” over and over again.

You do a great service for our communities and deserve every deal you get.  I believe you deserve a higher quality of products and nutrition programs, beyond just selling you a bottle of hope, I believe you deserve the plain facts, the truth and no BS information that will benefit you, your colleagues, friends and families.  I do not believe in random deals where you save money this time, maybe not next time, or the savings changes or some odd reason comes up that the deal changes and the program is discontinued.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to post them on any of our blog posts, but if you have personal and specific questions you do not want shared with the general public, you can post them right on your private Police page or email me using our contact form and I will respond to them privately and confidentially.

Thank you once again for being of a great value to our communities.

Have an empowered day,


Patrick McGuire
President – Empowered Nutrition Products Inc.

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