Super Food and Super Bowl Ads

Good morning… I thought I turned this on for you last night during the 4rth quarter of the New Orleans Saints playing a heck of a come back dog fighting gnashing and gnawing game against the heavily favored Manning and his powerful Indy Colts.

Well I guess while I missed the first quarter waiting for wings, then getting a call to go get some medication for my oldest (6year old) daughters ear infection and get home to get something in her to drop her fever I must have messed up the code to post this at the start of the fourth quarter.

Great news is that like many of you I had some extra goodies.  Medium “heat” wings, a few handfuls of chips and some diet pepsi (it came with the wings free, got to love when the big corporate sponsors run promos like this for the little people like us).  The other great thing was I got to see some of the game, but more importantly it was with a good friend and in the end with my amazing wife.  So I got the best of both worlds, watching the Super Bowl with both Family and Friends.  Thank you Lord.

So before I give you the Super Bowl Ads to watch in the comfort of your own browser, I have to ask, could there be any team more deserving than the Saints this year?  Could any City or State be more deserving of a come back culminated with their team being on top of the world for one of the BIGGEST sporting events in the world?

I think not.  Congradulations to the Saints, New Orleans and to Lousianna for a super come back from that beast of burden that nearly wiped you out a few years ago.  You deserve every bit of publicity and appreciation you can get for the NFL Champions.

Mardi Gras is coming early this year… enjoy!

Here are the Super Bowl Ads… and for you Canadians like me the real commercials are shown, not our crappy substitutions they keep feeding us even when watching the US channels on HD.  aaarrrghhh! (yeah slightly annoying how technology is used for this evil)

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OK so if you are feeling guilty here’s a safe and healthy yet guilty tasting recipe for you >> CLICK HERE

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  1. I think some people get more excited about the ads than the game!

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      I can’t agree more. Thanks John. Personally I don’t think I saw one commercial as I was running around the whole time, but I do like them.

      Hey at over $1 million USD per 30 seconds so do the networks and the NFL.

  2. Alexandre
    8 years ago


    I see you are active on the blog so I hope this time my message will be getting through, although it will probably be deleted as soon as it gets read.

    After waiting one month for your company to fulfill my order and going through the whole paypal escalate process without anyone even answering ANY of my numerous e-mails and attempts to sort this issue, I feel that I now have to take this public and advise that I will be contacting my credit card company for a chargeback tomorrow.

    Good thing I ordered a customized meal plan for myself before I started referring your shady business to my coaching clients.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Hey Alexandre, sorry I have not got your emails perhaps you can send them again directly to me patrick “at”

      You will notice I do not hide behind comments or computers, your comment was not edited in any way even though it was attacking my company, and is missing the facts for all to see. I approved it for all to see that when I (we) drop the ball, I will admit to the error and correct that by going over the top with a solution as quickly as possible.

      I am sorry you feel this way. In fact you asked for a very specific request to personalize your program. Actually rather than rely on our teams professional abilities you asked for your own specs and caloric levels and macronutriet ratios. We did exactly that and your program has been completed.

      Before you go all crazy and public, I have to make sure you share the facts correctly not what you seem to have commented originally. If you are going to call someone out you better be telling the truth and provide the accurate facts, data and details. So just to keep it open and informed here is the actual details of your order:

      Order Request (PNP): Alexandre Valois (Empowered Nutrition Products Inc.) Ult Ordered on: 2010-01-20 16:43:06 Completed On: 2010-02-01 09:58:54 Dispatched Via UPS: 2010-02-08

      As you can see it was not, is not has not been one month. Not even if you include today February 11 2010.

      If I were to include your notes I am sure the rest of our friends on the site and the internet would see the lengths we went to to provide you with an ULTIMATE Personalized Nutrition Program. By the way… I would love to see a copy of your receipt or the name and email you ordered with, since I cannot find your payment anywhere on our Paid Paypal receipts list. That could help us a great deal in resolving this.

      I don’t mean to be a pain, but I did search back to October for your PayPal Payment and since you are attacking my company, my brand and me personally I take great pride in defending myself, but am honest and upfront and the first to admit a mistake and correct that as quickly as possible. I will do the same for you provided we are on the same page, all the details are on the table and we work together to resolve this and find where the communications broke down.

      Alexandre I am sorry if we failed you, it is a rare situation, but does from time to time happen, I will not hide that fact and will more than make up for it if given the chance.


    • Alexandre
      8 years ago


      Thank you for your honesty and your reply. I tried sending e-mails from two different addresses, plus the form on this website, and even engaged a paypal dispute hoping that someone would communicate, which never happened. I hope you understand this was my last resort after being told by paypal to “discuss with you” to solve this issue.

      I understand my request wasn’t standard and that it might be more complex to fulfill, but in these situations I believe communication is key.

      Here is the paypal transaction ID:

      I can be contacted at the same e-mail address that is linked to my paypal account, and am really looking forward to see the meal plan and report here as soon as possible.

      Let’s hope we can make this right this time.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Fantastic Alexandre.

      I am surprised that the Contact Form did not work properly.

      I will look into that, I am appreciative for people like you that help us find a problem and fix things that are broke.

      I will get UPS to send me a tracking code and enter that into the PayPal account once I pull up the transaction using the ID you provided. Thanks for that too.

    • Alexandre
      8 years ago

      Patrick, I still haven’t heard back from you or anyone regarding my order. An update would be greatly appreciated.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Sorry about that I thought we covered that last comment. the order was delivered to the UPS outlet last week. I will see what we can do about getting the tracking from UPS and email it to you.

  3. Healthy Club
    8 years ago

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  4. Pre Medicine
    8 years ago

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  5. sts
    7 years ago

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