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The product of years of intense research, 7-Keto™ is a new breed of supplement — one engineered for specific results. Its ability to promote safe fat loss without the buzz of stimulants is a breakthrough in weight-loss supplements. It has also shown anti-aging actions and shows promise for boosting the immune system and enhancing memory.

Other names for 7-Keto

3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepandrosterone, 7-keto-DHEA, 7-oxo-DHEA, 7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone

Proprietary Information

Discovered by Dr. Henry Lardy, and patent protected.

Where to find 7-Keto

7-Keto is found naturally, although in insignificant amounts, in the body as a breakdown byproduct of our sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.


Why athletes use 7-Keto

7-Keto has been shown to help our bodies burn more fat, faster, without the stimulating effects most thermogenics impart. This can be a real benefit for those who are sensitive to stimulants and those who wish to supplement for longer periods. As an added bonus, 7-Keto also supports the immune system and helps prevent age-related health complications.

Ways that 7-Keto can enhance Fat Loss:
  • Accelerate fat loss by increasing the rate the body burns calories
  • Enhance the body’s metabolic rate to burn bodyfat for fuel, even while resting
Ways that 7-Keto can enhance Longevity:
  • Stimulate the immune system by increasing antibody production


Signs of 7-Keto deficiency

No deficiency conditions are known to exist.

Potential uses for 7-Keto

Research indicates that 7-Keto may be useful in the treatment of:

  • Obesity
  • Addictions


More about 7-Keto

7-Keto™ is an exciting, new breakthrough supplement, which is already creating interest both in the scientific community and in the real world. Recently developed and patented, 7-Keto was discovered by Dr. Henry Lardy, who spent 10 years examining the over 150 metabolites of the hormone DHEA in hopes of finding a nutrient that would impart the positive benefits of DHEA without its potential negative side effects. What Dr. Lardy discovered has been suggested by many researchers to be an even more potent nutrient than its parent compound as a thermogenic and immune and memory enhancer.

7-Keto for weight/fat loss

Most prominently, 7-Keto has been shown in clinical trials to be a potentially useful weight-loss aid. You see, as we age, our metabolisms (the rate our bodies burn calories) begin to slow, and often, no matter how hard we resist, our bodies insist on burning less calories. The inevitable response is to store the “unburned” calories as fat, and thus, we have a harder time keeping unwanted weight off.

This may well be because the activity of the thyroid, which is the main metabolism regulator, also naturally declines with age. Consequently, as we eat, the food we used to easily “burn off” at a younger age is now held on by the body as stored energy — better known as fat. This is where 7-Keto can play a vital role in weight reduction and particularly in fat loss.

A safe alternative to stimulants

Search the shelves at your local health-food store, and you’ll find them lined with today’s more popular weight-loss products that claim to “boost” metabolic rate. However, look a little closer at the label, and you’ll discover the substances contained in these formulas are nothing more than stimulant-based nutrients, which primarily suppress the appetite and cause weight loss through curbing the urge to eat, not by increasing the body’s ability to burn calories.

7-Keto is quite different in its mechanism of action in the body — it helps increase metabolic rate by way of the thyroid gland. A much safer approach to fat loss than stimulants.

A new peer-reviewed clinical trial reveals a significant reduction in both bodyweight and bodyfat in overweight adults by positively impacting thyroid functioning: in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 100 mg of 7-Keto taken twice daily for 8 weeks was shown to increase levels of the thyroid hormone T3 (or triiodothyronine) by an astounding, yet safe (within the normal range) 17.88%. The placebo group, by comparison, experienced an increase of only 2.75%. This is significant because T3 is not only the most active thyroid hormone but also has the greatest effect on metabolic rate.

The results for fat loss faired positively as well: the 7-Keto group lost almost 3 times more fat than the placebo group (6.34 lbs vs. 2.13 lbs). Plus, bodyfat percentage decreased by 1.8% for the 7-Keto group. But, the placebo group experienced only a .57% loss.


7-Keto holds great promise in the area of life extension as it’s been shown in recent studies to reduce some of the unwanted signs of aging. First, let’s start by understanding the role of DHEA in our bodies, given its beneficial role in the aging process.

Around the age of 25, our DHEA levels peak and then begin to decline, quite drastically. By the age of 40, we’re at half our “normal” level, and by the time our 70th birthday comes around, we have concentrations of only 20 to 25% of our desired level. Research has concluded this decline can be linked to many common negative effects of aging, such as slowed or lowered immune functioning, loss of memory, and a general lack of energy and sense of well-being. Hence, the recent popularity of DHEA supplementation.

One effect of supplementing with DHEA is its conversion in our bodies to the sex steroids testosterone and estrogen. Although beneficial in some aspects, increased levels of these steroids can be worrisome for some individuals since increased levels of testosterone and estrogen have been implicated in increased risks for certain cancers. With such warnings arising, consumers are often left confused and concerned that this wonderful anti-aging supplement could potentially have some unwanted effects. Apparently, 7-Keto has solved this dilemma by offering the power of DHEA in a form that cannot be converted in the body to these potentially harmful sex steroids.

Immune booster

Just as positively, impressive evidence has shown 7-Keto may be a potent immune-system booster, which could be significant for our age-defying efforts. 7-Keto may help boost our immune functions by increasing antibody production in the white blood cells, thus enhancing their ability to fight certain diseases. It also appears to stimulate the production of Interleukin-2, which is a hormone-like substance that can improve the body’s response to disease and stimulate the growth of disease-fighting blood cells.

In conclusion

It’s no wonder 7-Keto has been awarded patents for its use in immune-system function, cognitive function, and weight loss — the studies are powerfully supportive of this new supplement. Introducing 7-Keto into your diet could be the next possible anti-aging miracle of the coming century. It has the potential to combat age-related conditions such as memory loss, obesity, loss of vitality, and chronic fatigue. And unlike DHEA, 7-Keto seems to offer individuals “peace of mind,” so to speak, as it’s been shown to have no effect on sex-hormone levels.



Interestingly, because of the high cost to produce 7-Keto, most manufacturers suggest taking 25 mg per day. However, according to the most recent studies, 50 to 100 mg of 7-Keto taken twice daily (for 100 to 200 mg per day) was found to be most effective for weight loss.


Research shows the ideal time to consume 7-Keto is once in the morning and again later in the afternoon, before meals.

Synergists of 7-Keto

Citrus aurantium and Coleus forskohlii may work synergistically with 7-Keto to support thermogenesis (the body’s ability to burn calories) and promote fat loss.

Carnitine may aid in fat metabolism and help reduce fats in the blood.

Safety of 7-Keto

If you are pregnant or lactating, 7-Keto is not recommended.

Toxicity of 7-Keto

No known toxicity.

Bans and restrictions

None reported.


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