Supplements for Fat Loss

I have to admit I am not easily surprised but I am often shocked by some of the questions I am asked.  They come almost as statements not even questions.

I get a lot of clients and even complete strangers asking me point blank without hesitation what are the “best supplements for fat loss.

Why should this surprise you and even shock me? Well quite simply its not about the “magic” pills and powders.  Its not about counting on one more product to make your life all fat into a skinny little box, size 0 jeans or XS bikini.

Fat Loss is more about using supplements wisely to enhance your fat loss, not to be the answer to fat loss.

You must first get your diet in order.  Only good nutrition will set you on your way to true fat loss.  The “magic” pills, powders and potions are there for 1 of two reasons and both will work for you.

Supplements are designed to do two key things for fat loss:

  1. Kick Start Your Fat Loss Program to Move You Toward Your Fat Loss Goal
  2. Burn Down the Last Few Pounds or Percent Body Fat to Accomplish Your Goal

OK so I have avoided the question for now, and I am going to avoid it a bit more.  Now I want you to think about when you should take your supplements.

You will want to take any supplements (in this case, multivitamins and fat burners) 2-3 times per day for best results.

WHAT?! Take how many pills how many times a day you say!

I know this is against the “once a day” multi vitamin marketing you are reading about, but would you rather hear pie in the sky or hear the truth no matter how ugly it sounds from someone you can trust.

Once a day multi’s fat burners, joint formulas, whatever the supplement may be are a load of crap.  They don’t exist.  All that is happeining is you are getting more stuff crammed into a tighter bundle with more fillers, glues and binding agents that take longer to break down.  Reality is half the time if you just turn around and look in the toilette there goes your “one-a-day” and your hard earned cash.

To avoid flushing your multi down the drain, you need to take a pill, powder or liquid 2-3 times per day.

Think of it this way, you feed yourself several times a day right.  Well supplements are no different than food… 1, 2, 3 plus times per day.

I recommend taking your supplements with or near food.  Most products are absorbed better with food.  Others are designed to reduce hunger and cravings etc… to create a response in the body as is the case with fat burners, taken on empty stomach can be a bit trying on your system, but 30 minutes before a meal or workout will reduce cravings and hunger and increase fat burning.  Taking a Multi Vitamin with food is essential since it is better absorbed by the body with the presence of food and other natural vitamins, which reminds me… buy natural version supplements, not tiny pills from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.  The body knows the difference and assimilates natural versions better.

I want you to take your supplements first thing in the morning and again mid afternoon for best results.  Everyone can tailor their supplement schedule to their needs, but this is optimal for assimilation, energy and keeping it simple.

OK so here we go.  Now you know when to take your supplements for fat loss, how about what to take. Here’s my no nonsense approach to fat loss supplements…


  1. Protein Powders – 2 to  times per day – Whey protein is the safe choice for all your needs, but I would even step up and recommend a full spectrum blending protein as a solid back up.
  2. Multi Vitamin and Mineral Formula – It is essential to get a good multi.  Of course I can recommend many products, I can support only a few and I can take even fewer myself and if I won’t take it, then you shouldn’t either.  Without a doubt I am going to shamelessly self promote here, but try our Essential Multi’s as they are powders in an instant desolving capsule.
    >> Vital Force – Essential Multi for Men <<
    >> Slim Appeal Essential Multi for Women <<
  3. Thermogenics / Fat Burners – Well this one is the easiest to answer.  Get one. They are great aids in fat loss.  Remember this is not a “magic” pill, but rather a supplement or aid in your fat loss goals.  Note: there are burners for guys and weight loss products or women.  There is a BIG difference!  Some formulas for guys are too darn strong and all about the BUZZ for girls and it can leave you (women) felling wired and wigged out.  Again a powder in a capsule is the ticket, take it 2+ times per day and don’t waste your money.
    >> Burner – Advanced Fat Loss Formula for Men – Click Here <<
    Slim Appeal Advanced Weight Loss Formula for Women <<


  • Creatine – yeah that sounds odd, but if you are into extreme dieting you need muscle retention to keep the metabolism pumping
  • Flax Seed Oils
  • Fish Oils
  • L-Carnitine
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee, buzz, buzz, buzz
  • Green tea
  • Green tea extract
  • Yohimbine
  • 5-HTP
  • Synephrine
  • HCA
  • ALA

This list can honestly be exhaustive and go on and on, but you get the idea.  Designer blends are your best bet for fat loss supplements.  The reason, they have done all their research and bring pretty potent fat burners to market to save you time and money searching for the right ingredients, blends and bottles so you don’t have to.

You can get great products all over the place online, offline, from a buddy or MLM program, but I recommend this.  Don’t buy the cheapest product, don’t buy the most expensive product you will be “ripped off” (not ripped) at both ends,  But middle of the bunch in terms of brand and price and you tend to be getting exactly what you are paying for.

For more information on products you can trust to deliver results and the exact formulas I personally support and take >>CLICK HERE<<

While you are there… save a few bucks with this web code: 10suppostx1

Let me hear all about your favorite fat loss products, formulas and tricks.  Just add your comment below.


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  1. cleo
    8 years ago

    So, these are all things that you conveniently sell?

    How fortunate you recomend all your own products at ridiculous prices.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      I am a equal comment approver… yours got approved even though it is a shot at my business.

      Of course I sell these items, I am a “solutions” guy. I don’t want to send you off with half the information and buying random quality products like the wild west and when they don’t work or possibly even harm you, give you the chance to blame me.

      I recommend my own products without hesitation, but you will notice I talk generically about proteins, fat loss formulas and multi vitamins… heck why would I even make anything I don’t believe in and take myself.

      You will also notice a list of many things I do NOT produce or supply. So I guess you could say I am supporting and promoting the competition as well… sorry if I offended your intelligence. Please don’t buy anything I sell if its a point of contempt or frustration. I apologize to you but I will not apologize for offering nutrition solutions for the many people emailing, calling and asking for them.

      Oh yeah, you will note that of the 3 pillars of performance the one that you are challenging me on promoting is #3. What was the first one??? Right NUTRITION. Yeah I sell Meal Plans and Personalized Nutrition Programs too.

    • ronan
      8 years ago

      i agree with you on your attitude in your response to what wold seen to me to be an ungrateful customer of the meal plans and secondly to someone who seems to want to start an internet comment battle.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Thanks for the honest comment on this Ronan.

      Great thing is we sorted it all out and his program was shipped to the correct address on file with UPS the other day.

    8 years ago

    Hey! I’ve been taking LIPO 6, but I don’t see any result… I’ve heard wonders about it, but to me, nothing happens!

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Lorena, I ca’t say for sure, but it could simply be that you are resistant to the main active ingredients in Lipo6.

      To be honest, everyone I know that uses it likes it. Are you using full doses, 1-2 even 3 times per day as the bottle suggests? Is your nutrition in order?

      Remember there are 3 pillars to fat loss success: 1. Nutrition 2. Exercise 3. Supplements

      They need to be in that order, magic pills don’t exist. I would be happy to offer you a free meal plan to kick start your results. In reality I know that a good nutrition program will far out perform supplements and I suggest you stop Lipo6 and all fat loss supplements for 2-4 weeks and get a great nutrition fat loss program working for you in that time. That way your body can recuperate and make the supplements work better when you start again.

      At that point I suggest trying Slim Appeal Weight Loss Formula for Women – it is specifically designed for women and isn’t just buzz, buzz marketing hype. Even then start any fat loss supplement with half the dose then up to full dose over a week or two to assess tolerance and results.

  3. Linda
    8 years ago

    I read the formula for slim appeal weight loss pills, but I would like to know what other ingredients are in it before I order. Thank you

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Linda, good for you making sure you have all the facts before you try anything.

      As for ingredients, you see exactly what is in there. The only thing missing is the flow agents (the things that make it slide and filter well into equal doses in each capsule) and that is magnesium sterate and the gelatin capsule itself.

  4. Lynn
    8 years ago

    I have to say thanks. Haven’t followed the link yet and I feel I would be going against what I say by taking supplements. You can live on them forever and the damage they can do is huge. Do you remember dexitrim from the 70’s. They are found to have conflick with short term memory. I can tell you this is true. What was I saying? sorry had to put that in. Weight lost is about learning to enjoy the changes you make and want to maintain the changes. Do supplements cause yoyo weight? I am a mom not a bodybuilder.
    Keep up the good work. I am looking at a way of getting or making it fun to get out of a warm bed with a loving husband that doesn’t work out and get up and work out. BRW we are looking at a high of 20 something here in WI today.
    you can google me at chatthefat I am all about thinking before you eat.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Lynn, it is great to know you are reading our emails and posts.

      As for the supplements going against your belief, I get that too. I always stand with the 3 pillars for performance (fat loss, muscle building, athletics). Those 3 pillars are: 1.Nutrition 2.Exercise 3.Supplements

      In that order of importance I might add. It is always nutrition first, then exercise and supplements. However some people need a kick in the pants and popping pills motivates them. Its like a diet won’t work until you pop a pill. The other is to get that last pound or percentage body fat off, you need a little extra ooompfff and if natural supplements can help or even motivate you to push the envelope, then they are good for that too.

      As for dexatrim… well that is a far cry from natural herbal supplements from plant sources. Flat out its a pharmaceutical drug and has some serious problems asociated with it as you mentioned short term memory… as you mentioned short term memory.

      Getting hubby motivated… hmmm… have you tried to bribe him with a pancake breakfast post workout? Just make a healthy protein pancake breakfast and don’t tell him. Perhaps a smoothie post morning workout.

      If that doesn’t work, you can always challenge him to see who can get in shape fastest or plan an event together, like a grand canyon hike, hike/climb kilamanjaro or just plan a vacation to cuba if you both set and hit some goals.

      Tell you what… this is a HUGE offer coming… If you motivate him to do something (like get back into his highschool football physique or better) and set some dates and rewards to it, I will personally coach you both to that event. I haven’t yet made it public, but I am opening up a new coaching system that I use with my personal clients offline and will be taking only 25 motivated and committed clients at a time.

      I will make that 26 and coach your husband for free. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun and the results will be amazing.

      So motivate him by offering him a Valentine’s Gift of Fitness and tell him you chased down the best nutrition, exercise and supplement coach you could find and as a reward you will take him to the beaches with you. If not, tell him you are going anyways and my friend Manuel will take good care of you when you get there.

      If you are both up for it, just comment right here to take me up on the offer. Give me some start dates and end dates 12-16 weeks and I will book a call with you to get started.

  5. Glenn
    8 years ago

    what about ma huang/ephedra/epedhrine?
    as a energy boosting for workouts?

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Well, considering in blends they are illegal, but if you buy 8mg ephedrine tabs and take them with caffeine and white willow bark or a non-ephedra based thermogenic, you will increase energy and focus and shed fat all day long.

      Used wisely, Ephedrine is very safe and in comparison has killed less people than aspirin.

      In the wrong hands with bad intentions its speed, crack cocaine and the likes and can kill or worse.

    • Glenn
      8 years ago

      so i work out 5 days a week

      3days resistance training with interval cardio right after
      and 2 other days interval cardio only
      would it be ok to take these supps ephedra/caffein/white willow bark

      5times a week 2 times daily and then the weekend off for about 4 weeks?

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Glenn, while I will safely support intelligent use of the E/C/A I will suggest starting with only 1 serving early in the day then progress to 2 servings per day.

      The most I will suggest is following a dosing schedule by adding 1 serving per week up to 3 doses per day, but that is all dependent on your sleep patterns, stimulant tolerance and lifestyle factors including nutrition and training.

      I don’t support it as my tolerance is crazy for E/C/A stacks, but I can say I have tried as a test (short term test in intense environment and tracking) 4x double servings of the E/C/A stack per day, for a total of 8 servings per day. Let me tell you, thsi will kill most people and some horses too. It was closely monitored with physicians as part of a test and it just so happened that I was getting ready for a contest so it was a “perfect storm” for me to sign up for the study. It was 16 weeks, starting with 1 serving and working my way up to 8 servings (4x doubles E/C/A) per day in the last 2 weeks.

      NO BODY needs this high a dose and using 1-3 servings per day for 5-7 days a week for 4 weeks is safe for most, but be safe, check with your physicians, track your results to risk factor and stay smart about your supplementation.

    • Glenn
      8 years ago

      iv started this week taking the E/C/A in herbal form
      3 capsuls:
      Ma Huang 500mg
      (standardized for 6% alkaloids)
      Guarana (standardized for 22% caffeine) 200mg
      White Willow Bark 20mg
      Chromium Picolinate 67mcg
      think thats about 10mg ephedrine per capsul if im right

      i took 1 in the mornin to start with
      today i took 1 in the morning and 2 before my workout

      got pretty stedy energy for some houer and i sweated alot more than usually
      i didnt experience any extreme heartbeats or anythng like that and no big crash either+ the mornig dose helps me focus much better at school.
      like i do when i take 1 or 2 caffein caps so thats a good thing.
      think il work my way up 2 4 caps 2 caps 2 times daily before i go over to the real thing for my last weeks of my workout togheter with the constest ripped part.
      im doing arnel ricafrancas 16weeks to 6pack abs if you have heard about it pretty intense cutting workout. and togheter with you mealplans iv already changed alot already:)
      and ofc 8houers of sleep a night

      iv tried before but failed because i didnt folow any meal plan or didnt get enough sleep
      thats why i ask so many questions hehe want to get everything right this time:). better safe than sorry haha

      i got pretty high tolerance for stims
      but i doubt i got nearly as high as you. and its not something im going to find either lol.
      how did you feel when ya took that much? i guess the crash would be pretty big?!

      btw thanks for all the answeres
      helps alot

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      good call, gradually increase and assess your stimulant fat burner tolerance.

      I am glad you are following Arnel Ricafranca’s 16 weeks to 6 pack abs and including our Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans to ensure your results this time round.

      I have to admit the crash should be HUGE when doing like I did back then, but the training was so intense and the nutrition was spot on that I never experienced the crash.

  6. Tony
    8 years ago


    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Great Tony. Sorry we thought it was a print and send version. My apologies, but I guess its good to under promise and over deliver.

      As for a 12 week Lean Muscle Gain Program… FERSUR (for sure).. of course I can do that for you. I think you will love it. I will make you GROW without the fat using an Advanced Lean Builder Personalized Nutrition Program.

      Tony, just an idea, not sure if you are into it, but I am just putting the finishing touches on 2 new programs, a fat loss membership site and more pointedly a 12 week transformation coaching program.

      If you are interested, please let me know. I will be sure to get you in on the early bird info list.


  7. Edvin
    8 years ago

    Hey! I’ve been exercising and dieting for a while now and I’ve lost a lot of fat, but I’m kinda stuck now. Is there any supplement you recommend to help me lose those last few lbs?

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Keep in mind supplements are helpful in 2 ways. They can be that kick start at the begining of your fat loss and muscle building journey or they can be the answer to ridding that last bit of fat and adding slabs of muscles.

      There are lots of fantastic Thermogenics and Fat Loss Formulas on the market. IN fact many of the top formulas are developed and sold in nutrition stores around the world and are made by friends of mine in the industry. That said I can support the use of many formulas… but I would specifically recommend that you try our Burner – Advanced Fat Loss Formula.

      It works a bit differently than most of the BUZZ BUZZ fat burners out there. I specifically included a neuro cognizant quotient to the formula. Also as part of the formula I wanted to include many adaptogenic herbs that make the other herbs and active ingredients work better with less dosing for less side effects like jitters, buzz buzz and cramping.

      Try Burner >>

  8. Jacob667
    7 years ago

    Does it really work?

  9. Jayden667
    7 years ago

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