Sweatin the Oldie 2013

So I’ve been doing a lot of riding, serious riding lately.  Heck I even got a trainer and one of those special blue tires, cuz my black one started to smell like burning rubber first 10 minutes I tried it out.

Along with spinning to build some lungs and legs, I am doing a lot of core exercises and Ultimate Sandbag Training that is kicking my butt.

Add in some yoga style stretching and BOOM! we are getting tight and strong all over, gonna be a real machine this summer for the mtb and road races this summer and if all goes well add in a dual or tri and maybe a Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash.  I fully intend to be in at least one Centurion (100 mile road race) this summer and dominate the Kelso mtb races for my age bracket.

My kids… all three have been joining me while I work out and ride my trainer most mornings.  So far this year (2013) I am on pace to train 5-6 days a week.

Sydney is awesome at planks and the likes.  So now I am working on more core stuff and body weight with her.  That said I am adding a stability cushion or a wiggle cushion for Sydney.

Her teacher is cool with it and actually recommended it for focus. So I guess now she will be smarter and stronger, at least in the core.   Here’s a link to the one I’m going to grab on Amazon.ca for just $16 bucks J Fit Balance Training Disc with Pump

Hmmm… maybe daddy needs a stability cushion.

Oh and in case you are wondering, I’m not that old, I’m 38 years young and have vowed to be in my best shape ever this summer and best condition ever at 40 (April 19, 2014 and WIN my mtb race series masters)

Anyways, I’ve been using my Tabata Trainer and Gym Boss rather than counting reps and I am loving every minute of it. If I was sweating like a demon and seeing stars, I’d question if I was actually working out… then again my big Burly Ultimate Sandbag gives me a quick reminder every time that darn timer BEEPS!

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