Taking Control

There is nothing greater than being in control of your own destiny.  There is no better way to do this than taking control of your energy, your emotions, your physical appearance and your abilities.

Looking and feeling great is the most incredible experience one can have and it can only be enhanced by celebrating your success with a vacation retreat on a pristine, white sand beach with soft glowing blue waters, and subtle white tops cresting the tide as you walk in the surf and peel off your shirt for the first time in what seems like an eternity to reveal the newly etched details upon your flawless abdominals and body.

Being able to take control of your destiny is something millions of people are attempting to do right now at this very moment.   The world over people are working harder and longer than ever before in an effort to take control of their lives financially as their health, fitness and mental vitality painfully spiral out of control.

One of the best things you  can do that truly will put you in control of your life is to take control of both health in mind and body.  While many are gaining unimaginable amounts of weight and losing control of their health sitting in office chairs in front of computer screens for hours on end, there is an elite few that are doing the exact opposite by taking control of their health and destiny eating well, being active and going on multiple vacations every year away from computer screens while enjoying beaches, sun and surf.

The great thing is this can be you too. You can take control of your future and be the master of your own destiny in this unstable economic time by taking control of yourself.  It is without a doubt (and some pretty compelling empirical data) that fit bodied professionals are paid better, receive promotions sooner, work less and perform better than their sedentary plump partners.  They also command nonverbal respect in and out of the boardroom.  

It is also known that those who take part in daily active lifestyles eat better and have more energy for longer durations with fewer fluctuations in performance throughout the day allowing one to work smarter, faster and when necessary longer and get more done in less time.

It has been reported that a 30-60 minute workout first thing in the morning provides a mental and physical focus that allows an individual to complete 9 hours work in 8 hours or less, thus providing more time to enjoy more vacation time.

Keeping nutrition at the forefront of the three pillars of performance (1.Nutrition 2.Exercise 3.Supplements) with unique Personalized Nutrition Programs based on your information, your goals, your schedule and your foods, I am taking it to the next level with Vacation Rewards as part of a new coaching initiative and motivation strategies with Your Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge.

The Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge is a 12 week event providing a unique user experience with a Personalized Nutrition Program, Workouts That Work!, Online Video and Email Coaching, Physique Critiques and too many components to mention all focused on accomplishing one thing; Your Ultimate Transformation Success Story.

Every participant of the Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge receives all of the tools necessary to get their dream body, take control of their life and $3000 in vacation rewards.

This is the first challenge of its kind providing powerful proven results in less than 12 weeks and is possibly the only transformation challenge to provide$3000 vacation rewards for every participant and an additional $27,884 in Grand Champion Vacation Rewards.

While many are still at work contemplating what to do next, what they need to do to get ahead and when if ever they will be able to go on a vacation, and the dream of taking off their shirt on the beach, there is one individual and one company that is literally giving away the tools, the coaching and the vacations to increase and enhance every facet of your life excelling your professional position and commanding respect with your new body and your ultimate transformation rewards challenge.

Learn more and watch a short video to help you further understand just what the Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge is about follow this link >> http://bit.ly/d1qNLD-enbcontrol

Patrick McGuire BSc. Kin, RNCP, CSCS, is a professional nutrition and fitness provider and President of Empowered Nutrition Products Inc.  Patrick is a former competitive bodybuilder, RCAC military member, semi professional athlete (hockey and football) and the mastermind behind the Vacation Rewards in the Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge.  Learn more from Patrick, watch this video >> http://bit.ly/d1qNLD-enbcontrol

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