Thankgoodness Thanksgiving Is Over

Well, I hate to say it, but the sale is over and Thankgoodness.  Many of you were absolute carnivores.  Personalized Nutrition Programs are clearly in demand.

Apparently when you have a 50,40,30,20 percent off sale it makes things happen.  Now this is cool, from what I know about this weekend, I can simply say there are going to be a lot of Lean Bodies going into 2010.  AB-mazing!

I can’t wait to see your awesome transformations.

PNPimage(Here’s one of my transformations)

Well the sale is officially over and I have had the coupon codes re-instated, meaning they will work again, some have been changed or are out of date, but I am sure if you search the net you will find some floating around.

I am diligently preparing a new product for serious transformations coming very soon.  There is going to be a massive PR media release on this one and it is going to change the lives of many people very fast.

I have been this excited over a product in a very long time.

I want to personally thank you for your support this season, I know things are tough with the economy and I hate it myself, that is one reason I felt it was time to get our team to rally behind our first ever online sale.  Many of our fitness professional’s offline also took advantage of this sale as well and helped their clients to come to know the power of nutrition.  But when times are tough, many people begin to focus on what they can control and health and fitness is always top of that list.  I am glad that can be part of your battle of the bulge and bad business during these economic times.

OH and for you NON Carnivores… meaning vegetarians of course, you would do very well with a Personalized Nutrition Program since it is professionally crafted by our nutrition technicians with your information, your goals, your schedules and your foods. This is quite honestly the best fat loss solution for vegetarians. (more info)

Have a great day.

Also this week, we will be posting another comment contest about your weirdest protein or energy shake recipe, so start thinking about it.  I have some of our previous comment winners on my list, but am missing a few of you… check out the details and see if you are a winner and how to claim your prize, (click here)

Winners you will be contacted with your encrypted prize package link later today, so email me if you are a winner fast.

One last thing, I am going to be announcing a Transformation Contest Coaching Call.  We are into our final 2 weeks to the deadline and I want to help you cut your water, prep your body and get the best pictures you can in time for December 14th, 2009 midnight deadline.  It’s going to be awesome, I already have some incredible stories pouring in and they aren’t even done transforming yet.  I can’t wait to see your Transformation Success Story!

I got a special P.S. BONUS for you.

My buddy Vince DelMonte has just released another limited run of his No NonSense Muscle Building DVD’s for a limited time price.  These were up for just a few days about 7 months ago and they sold out in the first day.  500 copies GONE, in one day.  Well they are back and you should see the massive package deal to go with it.  There are only  a few days to get your copy and then they are gone again.  These are some serious muscle building dvd’s and combined with a powerful fat loss or muscle building nutrition program you are bound to look absolutely amazing.

Get a good look at these if nothing else == > CHECK OUT VINNY’s DVD’s

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  1. Tyson F. Gautreaux
    8 years ago

    Many thanks for your explanation and taking the time to email me as well 🙂

  2. Rhett Yeah
    8 years ago

    Very interesting post thank you for sharing I just added your website to my favorites and will be back 🙂 By the way this is off topic but I really like your web page layout.

  3. Antione Boulden
    8 years ago

    If you are unable find a local seller to suit your needs,shopping online is a convenient process to purchase your requirements. This is due to organic produce having steadily gained in momentum. You will find there is a reasonable choice of organic food available online and it is as simple as carrying out a search on the Net by a search engine to locate suppliers. You will normally require to pay for your purchases by using a credit card or debit card

  4. Relora Max
    7 years ago

    My skin is better, my hair has stopped falling out, I’m sleeping better and I’m not craving sugar and not having the highs and lows like I used to. I’m not bloating and its helped with fluid retention. As a multi-vitamin, its fantastic even before you add the weight reduction. The weight is coming off slowly but is now actually coming off! My friend bought a similar product at the same time and noticed no change. She then tried some of mine – what a difference. Be very careful of lower doses – they don’t work. Poor food choices over the years depletes vitamin levels and we run on empty, it’s reminded me that I’m doing the best for myself with these. Great product. Thanks again.

  5. Proactol
    7 years ago

    This product does what it says it will. Just like any diet pill you still have to eat healthy and work out! Just stick with it.

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      thank you for the strong endorsement.