Thanksgiving Fitness Evolved with Ultimate Sandbag Training

Happy Thanksgiving

I just got this email from my good friend Josh over at Ultimate Sandbag and I thought you might like this.  Read on and enjoy your Thanksgiving feasting.


We are squeezing in a BUNCH of things into today’s post. Got a great way to finish your workouts with an Ultimate Sandbag finisher, you won’t want to miss this video! Got several tutorial videos so that you can make sure you are maximizing some of the Ultimate Sandbag foundation movements.

LASTLY, we are starting our holiday sale early! Big savings with 20% off ANYTHING in our store just in time for your holiday shopping. CLICK HERE to find out how!

Revolutionize Your Fitness,
Josh Henkin, CSCS

[Be sure to watch the FREE videos from Josh]

Fitness Evolved with Ultimate Sandbag Training

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