Thanksgiving Monday LOSE 7 pounds in the Next 7 Days

It’s Thanksgiving Monday!

Well at least in Canada it is and for those of you ex-patriots running abroad… “Happy Thanksgiving!”

If you are already over stuffed and want to LOSE 7 pounds in the NEXT 7 Days BEFORE your next event, then watch the short video, just use this link >> LOSE 7 pounds in the NEXT 7 Days.

OK so this is a bit of a personal post, but I want to do it anyways.  Bear with me… humour me and i will make it worthwhile at the end of this short post.

I am thankful for my health. I could be a much worse position in life it I was not able to use nutrition and fitness to my benefit.

I am thankful for my sanity… Yeah I still got voices in my head, but sometimes they are funny and fun to play with.  Had it not been for nutrition and fitness, I think it could have easily gone crazy, depressed and insane a few times over now.  Heck three crazy canuk kids all under 6 will make you crazy!  Boy I love them to death.

I am thankful for being gifted with a brain… (that fits in a very big head) that holds the ability to change people’s lives with my extensive knowledge in nutrition and fitness.

I am thankful for my 5 F’s.  Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances.

I am thankful for you. You are here, you found me and Empowered Nutrition and I want to thank you with one of the few things that I can and I know can change your life faster than anything else you have ever tried.

Because I am Thankful for you and everything I have, know and all those I have helped in the past to change their lives, I am releasing for this Thanksgiving weekend my secret weapon.  I had a lot of people calling, emailing and commenting that they ate too much this weekend and are preparing for the US thanksgiving feast to come in a few weeks with Halloween slammed in the middle and are already feeling fatter and more depressed.  this is what prompted me to release these extremely limited and protected meal plans.

So in an effort to help everyone (because I can’t just help a few, it wouldn’t be fair) I am revealing for a very limited time (ends Tuesday October 12, midnight), my SECRET weapon that will show you exactly what to eat and when to LOSE 7 pounds in the NEXT 7 Days.  I have all sorts of details for you and a short video just CLICK HERE

This is the same strategy I use with movie stars and models and is something I keep pretty guarded, but since I am being thankful, I am going to literally GIVE it to you with a Personalized Nutrition Program, Coaching Audios and Workbooks, an incredible Super Secret Bonus Tool that will change the way you transform your body and 2 more unannounced bonuses on the inside, when you get your 7 in 7 Super Fat Loss Meal Plans before midnight on Tuesday October 12, 2010.

Check out the 7 in 7 and get yours today.  Click Here to Get the Details and Get Yours.

LOSE 7 pounds in the NEXT 7 Days CLICK THIS LINK

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  1. Alta
    7 years ago

    Dear Empowered team,

    I just need a bit of clarity on working out which plan I need. The calculation in the plan is as follows:

    200 – 15 % (60)

    but when I do it, I get 170?

    can you please explain? My current weight is 136 pounds and my bodyfat around 25%… so when I do the calculation, I get 102 and there is no meal plan for 1020 calories…

    Many thanks and aplogies if I’m being a bit blonde today 🙂


    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Follow the lowest plan to support your lean body mass and energy requirements. Your math is correct mine is wrong. Thanks.

  2. Alta
    7 years ago

    Please explain how one should calculate your LBM to select your 7 in 7 days menu. The example give states:

    200 – 15% = 60 BFM = 140 LBM

    however when i calculate it, i get:

    200 – 15% = 170?

    My current weight is 136 and bodyfat around 25%, I get 136 – 25% = 102 and there is no menu plan for 1020 calories, what am I doing wrong?


    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Use the lowest calories. We have a lean body optimal health and energy level built into these meal plans so you do NOT cease to perform optimally. You need about 800 calories just to wake up, breathe and go back to bed every day. So to say you can survive on just 200 more calories could lead to some problems.

      Start with the lowest 1140 cals, I think and in 7 days let me know how you are doing and if needed I will personally tweak the numbers for you.

      You are right 200-15% is 170 not 140… I doubled the number by accident, sorry. Thanks for helping to fix me.

  3. Stan
    6 years ago

    Want to lose fat but maintain muscle mass. 270lbs want to be a ripped 255-260lbs. Compete in BJJ and lift heavy 2 days a week. What should my calorie load be? Also fast twice per week.

    • Patrick
      6 years ago

      NICE! Stan I totally get where you are at. Do you have a site or some online content about yourself? I would like to coax you into an interview or something and push out your name if you are interested.

      Thanks for the comment. When I say fat loss, I mean keep all muscle. I would hate to lose your muscle you work so hard for.