the Assessment

The Assessment

This is not fun.  This is not easy.  This is meant to find out where you are today and how you are progressing to your goals on a monthly (30-60-90 days) basis.

This is FOOLISH!

…but it will deliver tangible results that you can quantify and qualify as you aim for your next goal.

By the way, this is gonna make you hurt, but it will be very rewarding I promise.  Take the Assessment now.  If you get a chance add your results by commenting on this page or via our new facebook comments plugin.

See those numbers in the chart below… that guy is one of the fittest athletes on the planet.  See how you stack up and next week I will reveal just who Candidate X is.


TheAssessment” is based on the following sequence of exercises:
Max Squats in 60 seconds (20 second rest)
Max Push-Ups in 60 seconds (20 second rest)
Max Sit-Ups in 60 seconds (20 second rest)
Max Burpees in 60 seconds (fall over and rest)

Exercise Candidate “X” You Today: (mm/dd/yyyy) You After: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Bodyweight Squats 75
Push Ups 57
Sit Ups 55
Burpees 22

Remember to add your successful results via comment of facebook plugin below.  For anyone daring enough to video this event, I have a special bonus just for you.  You can email your video link to:

I can’t wait to see some of your results.

I am going to attempt this tonight as well and share my results here online in the comments as well.

Have a empowered day. ~ Patrick.

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