Tips For A Great After Shot

So the transformation challenge is almost over.  D Day is looming, you want the best “After” Photos you can muster up.  To help you I have talked a few things over with my good friend John Barban, he’s that creative training guy with Adonis Index (

If you remember we encourage you to include your training and exercise program by name in your Success Story as the guys at are also running an event and we think it is only right you enter your Success Story to and if your program has a challenge right now, enter that one too and tell them you are using our EmpoweredNutrition to compliment thier training programs.  Its not illegal, its grey and it dooubles your odds of winning.  I hope you win 2x, 2x.

Here are my tips to a great after shot.

Tips for a great after shot

Clothing – select appropriate clothing.  Start with your After clothing.  I like to use single color, snug clothing.  Typically you would choose a set of yoga pants and top.  Guys, sports shorts or your Marky Mark Walberg Calvin Klein boxers will do the trick, I have some snug Under Amour shorts I prefer these days.  I would go with black, white, dark blue or green.  Try to use one that is similar in look and color to your Before Photos Clothing.  That will really make things pop and people will notice you and your transformations, not your clothes.abs_-_beach

2.    Make Up – wear it, but don’t go looking like Tammy Faye Baker.  Just add enough to add strong eccentrics to your lines and color.  Too much and the lights will make it pop up.  Too little and photography lighting or stage lighting will wash you away.  Shooting your photos at home, just barely go darker and stronger than normal.  Be sure to match your face to your body color.  Everybody screws this up the first few times.  One time I went on stage and the guy next to me looked like he cut off his head and glued it on someone else’s body.  His face was white like Casper the ghost and his body looked like the darkest corner of the farthest reaches of outer space.

3.    Hair – Dew it.  Go ahead, go get a cut and style, it’s worth it.  After all it’s not often you do this sort of thing.  But don’t go color crazy, just style, trim and highlight.  Remember your hair will last longer than the spray tan and you want to be proud to show off those pictures. Hair can make all the difference to a good tan and great body.

4.    Skin – I hope you have been showering, loofah and coloring for the week.  This will give you deep color and make your pictures show real good.  If you have blemishes, don’t be afraid to use a little foundation, even for the leg bumps you might get from shaving.

5.    Shave – Make sure you shave.  YES GUYS!  You shave your face, but shave your body too.  Trust me, it will look awesome and if you don’t like it, it grows back.  Don’t be afraid it will be thicker or darker… that’s a myth to some extent, my wife’s an aesthetician and I have been doing it for almost 2 decades now.

6.    Glow – you want to GLOW, not shine.  That said, just before the photos, you want to apply a light coating of a spray oil.  I am assuming no one ran out to buy a $60, 4 ounce jar of Final Touch.  Baby Oil reflects light.  Pam and the likes will refract the light around your body to highlight and accentuate your curves.  DON’T put any oil on your face, the lights hit it first and you could wash out all your features so no one will see its you in the pictures.

7.    Colour – it’s a bit late now, but I hope you used color all week, even the last few weeks and tanned a few times a week for the last 2-6 weeks.  Not to worry if you haven’t.  DON’T run out and tan or burn now.  It’s too late to create a base and will end up retaining water and leaving all your hard earned definition and muscle tone under a layer or bloated burnt skin.

8.    Hydration – stay well hydrated, but in the last few days and the day of the shoot reduce your water to minimal levels.  This will help you keep water retention down and show your details.

9.    Get Pumped – a light pump is all you need. Just do a series of body weight or band workouts and get the results you are looking for, not an engorged non detailed body part.

10.    Angles – play the angles.
a.    When taking your photo add lighting at various levels and angles.
b.    Get your camera set up, just slightly higher than head level.  Tilt your chin up just a bit.  This reduces any accidental double chins.
c.    Angle your body this will give you a leaner appearance than head on.
d.    Angle your upper and lower body giving a slight twist makes the torso show the hard work you put into this project.
e.    Angle your hands on your hips and other places.  This leads to a leaner appearance.

11.    Back Ground
– plain, simple no images or distractions.  This is your body we want to highlight.  White, black or tan backgrounds work best.  Just make sure it is different than the color of the outfit you are wearing.

12.    FUN – HAVE FUN.  Take a million + 1 photo’s.  It’s worth every second and digital snap you take.  Change into 10 0diffeent outfits and poses; you will thank me for this tip later.

13.    SUBMIT – send in your transformations success stories and don’t forget to include your 200 word success story.  Oh yeah, just in case you forgot you MUST have a paper with the date to verify you actually did what you said you did on the date you said it happened.  Thanks for all your hard work I can’t wait to see your success story.

14.    PARTY – do exactly that.  I always planned a party dinner after the event and so should you.

Get the series of After Photo Posts and learn what to do leading up to the event here is the first of 5 parts at

Have an Empowered Day,

Patrick McGuire
President, Empowered Nutrition Products Inc.

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