Top 5 Easy Lean Body Lifestyle Tips

OK so before you go all cannibal on me for yet another “Top 5 list” of things this year, bear with me…

I want to simply make 5 very simple, very fast, very easy tips to incorporate into your life to make a lean body lifestyle easier to achieve and maintain.

So without wasting any time, here are my…

Top 5 Easy Lean Body Lifestyle Tips

Eat Often

I want you to eat more often.  Not more, just more often.  Start with eating 3 good meals a day.  Have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Eat them at equal intervals, for instance 8am, 12 noon and 5pm.  Work up to 5 “meals” a day (3 meals, 2 snacks).  Eat 5 meals as smaller portions (same calories as 3 meals, but over 5) and you will notice the difference within 3-10 days.  Same calories, more fat loss, less cravings… WOW! What more could you ask for.  Eat your 5 meals at regular intervals 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, as it will give you greater energy and less fatigue and less fat.

Eat In Moderation

See the plan for eat more (above), eat more often in moderation.  If you eat the same calories in 3 meals your portion sizes are greater than if you eat the same calories over 5 meals.  So you can see how eating in moderation in fact increases weight loss, more specifically fat loss and at the same time as outlined in Eat More provides the same and great energy benefits.  So “Eat In Moderation” in fact is part of eating the same calories more often.

Eat Your Calories

This is more of a DON’T as in don’t drink your calories, eat them.  The same calories from a steak dinner with potato and veggies provides a much lower insulin spike than those consumed from an equal serving of a soda pop.  The same goes for Fruit Drinks, they are just like the soda pop in terms of fat storage and insulin spikes.  The other factor is you can consume more liquid calories faster than solid calories again prolonging and minimizing the insulin and fat storage effects.  EAT don’t DRINK your calories.

Be Active

Well this is point blank simple to say.  Just be more active, move, walk, run, play… do something different, something more than you do today and do it again and again and enjoy the process, great things will come of it.  If you are already active, be more active and you won’t need to adjust your calories, just your activities will increase a lean body lifestyle.  Hey even if its just playing the Wii instead of basic sit on your butt video games.


This is the best advice of all.  LAUGH. Laugh out loud and do it very, very often.  Not only does it burn calories, but it releases a huge wave of happy healthy hormones and chemicals all over your body.  Also crappy to say but true, lean, active, laughing people are typically happier, then most people.  I know personally I am happier and leaner when enjoying life and keeping a leaner body then when I start to increase the girth a little more than comfortable normal.  When I add the fat pounds I feel crappy and it consumes my thoughts.  When I stay leaner, it never even crosses my mind.

So there you have my TOP 5 Easy Lean Body Lifestyle Tips that you can implement in the next few minutes to days and notice a change in your body. I have included some links for you to help accomplish some of the Top 5 Easy Lean Body Lifestyle Tips below.  Hope these help.

Tips 1, 2 and 3: Eat More, Eat Often, Eat in Moderation

Try these 2 Free Sample Meal Plans for fat loss.  1 for guys, 1 for girls –

Tip #4: Be Active

Here are some great ideas for becoming more active, each one provides some simple samples that you can try absolutely free.


Turbulence Training – bodywieght based training you can do anywhere – all I can say is WOW this is cool, more bodyweight training but different than TT (above)

MIXED EXERCISE (Bodyweight and Weight Bearing Programs) – this one is more for the guys to build and burn – awesome revolutionized kettle bell training program following the Turbulence Training Priciples

WEIGHT TRAINING ACTIVITIES – this is great for guys and girls from Vince Delmonte –  Jeff lays it out to help you get a lean strong body – totally makes you think and WORK, thanks Nick – Elliot shows you how to grow with exercise – The Deisel Crew work your core strength and more

Tip #5 – Laugh

Thought you might like that one… I sure did. 🙂

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