Top 5 Tips For A Great Day

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Smoothie
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  • OK just playing with you…
    But seriously those are 5 great reasons to get out of bed each day.

    I have lots of other reasons to get out of bed each morning.  For instance each day is a BLESSING.  A chance to make up for something missed or lost yesterday.  That to some is a real grind and to others its a real blessing and CHALLENGE to be and do better than the day before.

    You can always count one of the REASONS if you have to jump up and get the KIDS to school, FAMILY counts on you or maybe even your JOB is waiting for you.  Yeah I know JOB sucks and its no reason to get out of bed.  Let me remind you… you HAVE a job.  Many people do not.  You could lose it tomorrow, then what will get your butt up out of bed.

    OK so I have to say it.  FOOD.  You get to eat again after a self inflicted 6-8 hour hibernation your body is ready for some good old protein, carbs and fats.  Start the day off right and enjoy it to the fullest.  For some great ideas on recipes try this link and get 2 free sample fat loss programs:
    Done-For-You Fast Fat Loss Meal Plans

    ACTION! Yeah action, exercise, activity, anything that makes you move is a good reason to get up and GO!  There are some people who would kill for the chance to leap out of bed and run around, exercise or just play with others.

    There you have it a few good reasons to get up and get going each and every day.  I am sure you can think of many more and better reasons to get out of bed, why not drop a comment and let me know your reasons to JUMP out of bed and start your day…

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