Transformation Challenge Reminder

Just a quick reminder for everyone that the Empowered Nutrition 10 week Winter Transformation Challenge is now completed.

As of Monday at 11:59:59pm December 14th 2009 we are officially completed.

You now have until midnight tonight (Tuesday 11:59:59 pm to send your Before and After Photos and 200 word Success Story to patrick @

I got 3 cool announcements to make right here.

  1. FREE HOLIDAY FAT LOSS REPORT for you.  Just use this link to get it.
    ==> Free-Holiday-Fat-Loss-Report
    .run santa
  2. MASS Building Meal Plans Pre Launch – I am also giving those of you looking to grow like MASS Monsters, advanced notice on my new MASS Building Meal Plans to be released January 2010.  You can register to get more information and be part of the Pre Launch event for all the FREEBIES and Bonuses here:
    ==> Mass-Building-Pre-Launch
  3. Blog Post Comment Contest – Today I will make another post for our new contest.  I am looking for the “Weirdest Great Tasting Shakes and Smoothies Recipes”.  I will select the finalists and post them for you to vote on over the next week and during the holidays I will make the winners and drink them live on video.  Yeah you guessed it, I am nervous and excited to see what concoctions you come up with.

Look for our Transformation Challenge Winners on Thursday.  Amazing Success Stories are already pouring in.  You all look awesome and deserve a prize.


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  1. Daniel Woodrum
    7 years ago


    This is Daniel Woodrum and I won your crazy workout contest a few weeks back. I have tried to contact you 3 different times in the contact us post and typed in all the requirements you told us to do. However, I have still not hear back from you and thought maybe you would get this if I left it in the comment box!

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Thanks Daniel. I am slammed with emails these days, I hope yours did not get jammed up in the junk. I will send you a link to get your prize package tonight.

      I am glad you followed up. Thanks.

  2. William667
    7 years ago

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