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If you know me, then you know I have been busting my tail and using my Ultimate Sandbag to get some amazing functional strength and killer cardio sessions completed in record time.

I don’t want you to miss out on the chance to put some of the workouts I put into practice every week.  In case you haven’t already noticed, you will learn that I intend to make my Ultimate Sandbag a BIG part of my personal fitness programs in 2012.

The crew over at Ultimate Sandbag have a great holiday savings event going on right now and I thought I would share the joy with you.  I got mine on sale last year and I hate to pay full price for anything.  So click on that image below and get your Ultimate Sandbag for less TODAY.

Ultimate Sandbag

Here is a great workout I recently did that left my midsection (Abs, serratus, obliques, glutes… both maximus and minimus, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, lower lumbar, upper back and delts all feeling tight and solid.  It also happened to get my cardio rocking the charts too since it was constant tension and action.

Perform each exercise in order for 30 seconds, then “flow” to the next exercise as quickly as you can and keep the pace going.  Do 4 rounds of this sequence, take a deep breathe and collapse.

Empowered Ultimate Sandbag “FLOW” Workout

Overhead Lateral Flow Lunges: Snatch the Ultimate Sandbag over head and hold with arms locked out.  Lean in a lateral lunge to the right, keeping the bag overhead.  Now “flow” to the left lunge and back and forth for 30 seconds.
Reverse Rotating Lunges: Take your Ultimate Sandbag in the mid grip.  As you step back into your lunge you twist your body to the opposite side of the rear moving leg.  This creates excellent core strength.  WARNING: this does not feel natural… but that is a good thing.
Clean and Press: Stand firm, knees bent, Ultimate Sandbag in hand (I use the mid grips), with a slight bounce you snatch the bag to your shoulders and in one press, with a slight dip down from your core section to help the bag into a Zercher holding position.  From here in a fluid movement you press the bag overhead.  Lower it under control and repeat until your GymBoss buzzes you to move to the next exercise.
Farmers Walk (left hand/right hand): This one is pretty straight forward and a nice breather between more intense exercises.  Hold the bag in your left hand and walk until the Gymboss sounds.  Switch hands and repeat waiting for your GymBoss to alert you to start the cycle again.

Repeat the cycle 3-5 times.

My Ultimate Sandbag for this is typically a 40 pound bag, since I can handle this for all exercises comfortably, like the one below.

Ultimate Sandbag Features

No coupons or codes required, just use the link, but before you do that, test yourself with the workout and let me know how you did in the comments below.

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