Let me give you a snap shot of our Personalized Nutrition Programs…

First let me tell you what
Personalized Nutrition Programs
are NOT…

These are NOT cookie cutter, mass produced, photo copied books sent to every Joe and Jane bookstore. These are real deal, Personalized Nutrition Programs, crafted just for you and your goals.

Personalized Nutrition Programs are NOT Meal Plans. Yeah we have meal plans too, and they WORK amazingly well, but this is Personalized for your SUCCESS

They are NOT for the “kinda… sorta… maybe”, committed or anyone merely toying with the notion of transformation success! This is real deal, 110% commitment to your goals and following the most powerful battle plan to achieve them in the shortest possible time.

Each plan comes in PRINTED or DIGITAL options, but both are the exact same as the other and regardless if you want to have a professionally printed and bound copy arrive at your door in 2 weeks or if you are committed to playing your part for the environment and want a Personalized Nutrition Program and Manual digitally prepared in full color and delivered to your inbox in less than a week, the choice is yours.  Either way the results will be outstanding.

We are Empowered and Committed, not just to your results, but to the environment. To help you make the decision that is best for you we are offering substantial savings on Digital Personalized Nutrition Programs to the end of the year.  Choose your weapon, both will amaze you and your friends with the results you will achieve.

Now let me help you better understand What ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PROGRAMS are.  Don’t worry, regardless of the program you select for ULTIMATE FAT LOSS or ULTIMATE MASS our team will review your goals and ensure we deliver the specific program that will work best to deliver you powerful proven results in the shortest possible time when we open and build your program.


More SUCCESS STORIES From Another Empowered Transformation Challenge

“…I now have the tools I needed in “Empowered” to meet and exceed [goals]…”

“…almost seemed effortless (at times, I couldn’t even keep up with the recommended meals – it was too much!). I lost 36 lbs, 27 inches and almost 12% body fat!…”

“I highly recommend doing this again…I am pleased with my personal results…”

“…Empowered Nutrition is a good and positive way to get in shape…” “…[missing 3 months in the gym I lost] 6 lbs and 7.3% body fat and 9 inches…”

“…I was never hungry…I lost 32 lbs and 10% body fat during the contest.”


What about the world’s most popular diets?

What about them.  Seriously, this is not some sissy option you are getting here.  You are clearly committed to your goals and that is why you want the ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PROGRAM.

Don’t get me wrong we DO provide the standard solutions such as Zone, Atkins, South Beach, GI diet, Makers Diet, Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting and many others; but to be honest we have already incorporated these into our proprietary programs and thus deliver the best of each one and enhance those with our own Empowered Nutrition strategy for increase results.  ALL of these strategies are incorporated into your Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program.

We can incorporate many lifestyle preferences such as Vegetarian (and all the subclasses), Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, and many others.  If you have a unique nutritional situation contact us before ordering, I am sure the answer is “YES” but I want to help you know that this is the right choice for you.

Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Programs are the ONLY guaranteed solution for your new body in the shortest possible time. Regardless if you want to lose weight, burn fat, increase fat loss, increase lean muscle and tone, sculpt your body, increase performance, increase power, increase energy, enhance mental alertness, acuity, reaction times or just increase total health, grow like a MASS monster or just get more results than you are currently getting, Personalized Nutrition Programs are the crucial step to achieving your every goal.

You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet.

You must implement the most important factor in your personal transformation today; NUTRITION.

To truly experience all your goals in the fastest possible time you must implement the 3 pillars of performance and results.

Nutrition + Exercise + Supplements

Each Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program is handcrafted and built by one of our Empowered Nutrition Technicians and delivered to your door.  Please allow 10-14 business days for HARDCOPY delivery in North America and 1 week for a digital Personalized Nutrition Program to your INBOX.  More time may be required for other countries, but don`t worry we will get it there as fast as we can.

green sheild smallOur Personalized Nutrition Programs are backed with a 100% money back guarantee*. That’s right if you use your Personalized Nutrition Program for 60 days and it does not deliver powerful proven results, then you are backed by our 100% iron clad money back guarantee*.

I am even going to make you an offer you cannot risk passing up.  If you order your Personalized Nutrition Program I will provide you with a full deluxe fat loss audio coaching program full of audios and additional materials to literally fast track your transformation results and enhance your Personalized Nutrition Program, absolutely free, no charge and no strings attached. I am not screwing around with your success, I want to see your success story that much that I am going to throw tools at you to chisel your body into a new, diamond cut gem as fast as you can.

OK so now it’s up to you.  You know that it takes the 3 pillars to successfully transform your body with nutrition + exercise + supplements.

You know that the strongest player of those 3 pillars is Nutrition and now you have a chance to take advantage of your own transformation success with a Personalized Nutrition Program that delivers powerful proven results absolutely risk free for 60 days.

The choice is yours.  Do you get the Foundation Fat Loss, the Advanced Fat Loss, the Elite Fat Loss or do you go for the Ultimate Transformation Program which combines all 3 stages in one unique strategy for the most dramatic results in the shortest period of time.  If you are not sure, but know you want to get your program, then rest assured if you select the Ultimate you are totally covered.  If you select the wrong base plan (Level 1, 2 or 3) our team will ensure that we change that to provide you with the fastest results possible while maintaining and optimizing your health.

If you are getting it risk free and I can guarantee results will happen, I strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and Get the Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program and transform your body in less than 12 weeks for life.  Think about it.  If the Foundation Fat Loss Program delivers everything you want and you progress to the Advanced Fat Loss and eventually the Elite Fat Loss Programs, you will spend $597 or more plus shipping.  That is almost 2x more that getting all three nutrition strategies in a format that will work for your fastest results in just 12 weeks using the Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program.

Get Your ULTIMATE Personalized
Nutrition Program Today!

Ultimate Fat Loss Personalized Nutrition Program
Professional Crafted, printed, bound and delivered to your door
HARDCOPY $499 $397 USD

Ultimate MASS Personalized Nutrition Program
Professional Crafted, printed, bound and delivered to your door
HARDCOPY $499 $397 USD

Digital Ultimate Personalized Nutrition Program $249 $197 USD

Patrick, enough messing around already, I want powerful proven results and I want them now.

I want it all and I want it now.  I am not interested in getting great results, I want unbelievable results in the shortest possible time.  Give me the Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program NOW

Get me the Personalized Nutrition Program that is going to work for me.  I know your team will review the order and ensure I have selected the appropriate Personalized Nutrition Program just in case I have chosen one that will get me great results, but your team will provide me with one that gets the best results for my goals.

I want to get my Personalized Nutrition Program Now.

Look I know you are nervous and not sure if you want to commit to changing your life right now.  I know you are afraid of making it public that you are going to be transforming your body and letting people know you are serious this time.

I also know it is difficult to admit the need for help in anything… but this is an admission of success not failure.  When you team up with Empowered Nutrition and a Personalized Nutrition Program (and Products) you are not admitting defeat, just admitting that you are willing to work with a team of professionals to coach you to your goals faster than you could ever do it alone.

I will be there with you every step of the way and support your efforts for the most dramatic results in the shortest possible time.  That is also why I strongly urge you to get the Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program and save yourself some money while fast tracking your fat loss transformation results.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee*

If after using and implementing the Personalized Nutrition Program for 60 days you do not experience any fat loss or muscle building results you may contact us for a refund less shipping and wastage/restocking fee of $25 USD.  Yeah I know that sounds stupid that you won’t get a full 100% refund, but hey, its Personalized, its not like I can use it for anyone else.

You will receive your refund once the Personalized Nutrition Program is received in our office at the shipper’s expense.  You will maintain 100% access to the Empowered Nutrition Private Members Area and may keep all audio and video files provided.  You may continue to receive the Coaching Emails and Empowered Insiders Reports and Newsletter which may contain promotional information relevant to Empowered Nutrition, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Exercise, Fitness and Health.  You may unsubscribe to the Empowered Customers and Empowered Insiders Newsletters at anytime with a simple one click email process contained at the bottom of each and every email from Empowered Nutrition.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee can only be kept providing you register your personal information and vital stats and confirm those with a before and after photo and statement of the reasons you are disappointed in your Personalized Nutrition program and formal request for a refund less the wastage/restocking and shipping fees.

Finally a Guarantee I can read, understand and take advantage of.  Thanks Patrick, Thanks Empowered Nutrition, Get me MY Personalized Nutrition Program NOW!


Now that you have a better understanding of each nutrition program and the strategic levels that work in a synergistic and culminating system, I want to give you the chance to understand ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PROGRAM.  It is a system to accomplish the most dramatic results in the shortest time frame possible.

ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PROGRAMS are strategically crafted 3 stages of nutrition into a contest prep or transformation challenge format for dramatic visual, physical, mental, hormonal and performance delivering results in a unique 12 week strategy. This is not for the faint of heart, but for those dedicated to changing their bod­ies and their lives in 12 short weeks from FAT to FIT to FABULOUS and FAST.

Ultimate Fat Loss Personalized Nutrition Program
Professional Crafted, printed, bound and delivered to your door
HARDCOPY $499 $397 USD

Ultimate MASS Personalized Nutrition Program
Professional Crafted, printed, bound and delivered to your door
HARDCOPY $499 $397 USD

Digital Ultimate Personalized Nutrition Program $249 $197 USD

OK, Patrick, NOW I am ready to get my Personalized Nutrition Program.  Let’s get this rolling, thanks.

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