Ultimate Transformation Ultimate Rewards 3

This is a simple, fast attack blog post to let you know that there is a new video for the Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge. Its video #3 in a 3 part series. Watch the Free Video Now » Click Here

To go with this video you will want to check out the live event. As of August 1st 2010, we go LIVE with the Ultimate Transformation Challenge and $27,884 in Vacation Rewards for 12 Grand Champion Winners.

This is HUGE! $27,884 in Vacations to 12 winners!

This event coincides with the Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge where every participant will receive $3000 in Vacation Rewards as well as the tools to finally accomplish their DREAM body.

There is ONLY 100 spots in the Ultimate Transformation Rewards Challenge available as it is rife with quality and the most needed tools for your Ultimate Transformation.

Each of the 100 participants will receive…

  • $3,000 Vacation Rewards
  • Personalized Nutrition Program
  • Workouts That Work!
  • Weekly Video Coaching
  • Weekly Email Coaching
  • Monthly Physique Critique
  • Super Supplement Files
  • Advanced Fat Loss Meal Plans (for later)
  • Advanced Muscle Building Meal Plans (for later)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Empowered Nutrition Manual
  • Transformation Tracker Workbook

and more than we can list here in this short post today…

If you have ever wanted to change your body and change your life, this is your best opportunity to do so. Act fast, there are ONLY 100 spots available and the event is open for 3 days ONLY!

Click Here to Watch the Free Video and Reserve Your Position TODAY

3 days ONLY. 100 members ONLY.

Video 1Video 2Video 3

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  1. Joe
    7 years ago

    Hey Patrick,

    I just watched your video 3 (Yes, I sat through all of it) and I still have a few questions about the program and contest. Your video mentioned it will take some time to create our personalized meal plans so you have thrown in another couple of plans to get us going until ours are created.

    1. Will this program work for me if I cannot and will not eat Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Lettuce? I will eat plain tomato sauce, but no whole or chunks of tomatoes. This has been a huge problem for me in the past. I will eat cooked vegetibles like spinach, broccoli, and brussels sprouts, but I am completely taken out of recepies that call for lettuce, onions, peppers, and/or tomatoes. A vast majority of healthy meals call for at least one of the items I mention.

    2. You also mentioned fueling our bodies with priemum fuel. Does this mean I am going to have to spend a fortune on food? I realize quality food costs a bit more, but will I need to purchase Organic food and spend a lot of money on supplements?

    3. Lastly, as it will take some time to create our personalized meal plans…when will the official contest begin and end dates be?

    Please get back to me soon as you always have.


    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Hey Joe, great to hear from you. I can’t believe you sat thru the whole thing! Just kidding of course. Thanks for doing just that. (I did it about 12-14 times while editing the thing… yes I did it myself, not bad for a nutritionist who is a self proclaimed ADHD-HD… that is Attention Deficit hyper Activity Disorder in High Def)

      OK quick at it.

      You select YOUR foods. Therefore if you do NOT chose the items listed, they will NOT show up in your plan. Also you can add notes to your order just like you did about what you eat, raw versus cooked, etc…

      Premium Fuel refers to real foods in precise ratios, you do not need to spend a fortune on food. Organic is a lifestyle choice. I eat a mesh of both at almost every meal, but about 70% standard food since it is about budget and I have a family of 5 (3 kids, wife and me… and 2 fish). Supplements are optional, except I recommend protein powder and NOT in the quantities like some companies do, but little intelligent strategically used places. SO NO you will not spend a fortune on Organic products or supplements. Oh an added unannounced BONUS I included is a report and an eBook for my BUDGET DIET, so that fits perfectly for your question.

      the official contest is August 1st to November 1st. We are essentially running 12 weeks+. The Coaching program is designed for 12 weeks plus an “induction” week so you get MORE that enough time to be ready for the event and picture day.

      These will help a lot of others thinking the same thing. I really appreciate the questions.

      Thanks Joe. great questions.


  2. Breanne Kolassa
    7 years ago

    After reading a few of your articles I really found this particular one to generally be excellent. I’ve a blog site as well and would like to repost several snips of your articles in my personal blogging site. Would it be ok if I do that so long I personal reference your blog post or create a back-link towards the post I procured the snip from? If not I understand and could not do it without having your endorsement . I have book marked the write-up to twitter along with squidoo account intended for reference. Anyhow thanks either way!

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      please feel free to snip and post my blog posts. Please add a pingback and link to my site when doing so. thanks for the compliment.

  3. Krystal Kuja
    7 years ago

    My brother and I were just debating this particular very topic, he’s always attempting to prove me wrong. Your view on this is wonderful and just how I truly feel. I just e-mailed my brother this page to show him your current perspective. Immediately after overlooking your web site I book marked and will be returning to read your messages!

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Thanks Krystal. I notice you have some interesting blog posts on your site. Nice. Consider adding any “empowered” links? Think about it, we can discuss a few private blog post interview if interested.