Why Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK! Part 1

Why Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans Suck! [Part 1 of 2]

At least I got your attention.  But truth be told I have always felt this way.  Even though my Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans are the BEST on the planet and every internet fitness pro wants to get their hands on my meal plans or promote them for their own, I have to say that “Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK!”

Now don’t get me wrong they are AWESOME!  Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans deliver Powerful Proven Results.

If you are looking for weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, endurance, performance, energy or just adding a bit of health and vitality to your life… they work.

GUYS, if you want to boost your testosterone, feel and perform like you did in your twenties, then get my empowered nutrition meal plans (more specifically get my testosterone boosting meal plans I partnered with Jeff Anderson to develop).

LADIES, if you want to, get rid of those “grannie waves” and “flappy wings”, enhance your hair, eyes, skin and nails then I have your answer.  If you desire to increase your libido and skip menopause, then get on a good healthy Empowered Nutrition Meal Plan and change your life fast.

BOTH Guys and Ladies if you want to decrease your waistline and enhance your sex life there is no better way to do this than with a healthy fat loss meal plan (that is unless of course you get your very own Empowered Personalized Nutrition Program).

Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans are possibly the fastest way to get results, I mean right now serious butt kicking immediate results that people notice. 

But, I have a confession to make, even though my Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans are the best the web has to offer they are secondary to my Personalized Nutrition Programs.

So now here is why I have to say that “my meal plans suck”…

For years now I have stayed focused on my meal plans and NOT told you that I was first a very successful six figure personal trainer before I turned bodybuilder and world class nutritionist and consultant to the pro’s.

To put it simply, I wanted to support my “friends” and the many fitness pro’s you follow and trust today.  This was important to me since I coached them to their very first stage appearances and guided them in getting their businesses started and even gave them some of my meal plans for FREE to include in their packages.

Yeah that’s right.  Many of the pros you have come to know and love were coached by me or are promoting my mealplans as part of their programs either in the Empowered Nutrition Brand or as their own.

I am not saying they have the bodies and products they enjoy and promote today because of me.  But I am very proud of each of them and happy to say I was or still am part of their success.

So, what I am trying to say is I have helped the best of the best with my Done-For-You Meal Plans and I am ready to help you.  I am also suggesting that Personalized Nutrition Programs are NOT for everyone.  They aren’t cheap.

…One more thing about my Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans before I sign off… I have decided to finally start giving away some of my fastest fat loss fitness and training strategies as part of my Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans Package to ensure you get powerful proven results in the fastest time possible.

Never before have I released my personal fat loss workouts and journals.  These have been kept private and exclusive for my personal coaching clients, but I felt that the time to over deliver and really fire up your fat loss results was RIGHT NOW!

Killer Fat Loss and Weight Loss System from Empowered Nutrition Patrick McGuire

Tomorrow I will share PART 2 of this blog post so you can really understand what I mean when I say “Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK!” and how to get more results for less blood, sweat and avoid the tears.

Stay tuned because I am going to start dishing some good stuff out totally free that will blow your mind and deliver instant powerful proven results…. totally FREE.

Until tomorrow my friends, have an empowered day.


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