Why Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK! Part 2

So hot on the heels of a bit of a tirade, I have to say Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK, but are still the BEST meal plans on the net for fat loss, muscle building and endless energy.

I got a lot of feedback from many of you in just 24 hours.  WOW!  Thanks.

So I better come totally clean if you haven’t already realized what I meant.

I felt that I have been more than supportive of some of my online fitness friends and given them a pretty fair advantage with my meal plans and by me NOT including my workout programs with my meal plan packages that is was just time to start giving you everything I could to really make an impact to your body and results.

I’ve been pretty “mum” about it for years at the pleading of many fitness pro’s.  So here is why I said that “Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK!”

The reason I said my mealplans suck is because they were just meal plans.  Notice I said “WERE” just meal plans.  Two reasons…

Reason #1…

When you put my Done-for-You Meal Plans, next to my Personalized Nutrition Programs, at first glance they look similar.  Well truth be told the truth couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Personalized Nutrition Programs are totally PERSONAL.  Your info, your goals, your schedule and you select your foods.  Totally PERSONALIZED for your unique individual results, hand crafted by yours truly.

Reason #2…

My Done-For-You Meal Plans are incredible, but when you simply grab a diet, it’s missing something.  So for those that don’t have a coach or training program meal plans will only deliver what some would term as 80 percent of your results.  So meal plans alone without a training program are still the BEST, but compared to a complete Empowered Nutrition and Fitness Transformation package missing something that make them “EMPOWERED”

So if you are on the fence and not sure what to do about your personal fitness goals, you need to just take action.  But know this.  The very first and MOST IMPORANT thing you need to do is get a great nutrition program in place and if that means a Personalized Nutrition Program or Done-For-You Meal Plans, the choice is yours.  But know this; I am now including some pretty over the top fat loss workouts, nutrition and fitness journals and what may really make my Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans stand out and deliver powerful proven results is the BONUS COACHING Audios and Workbooks I am including totally free for a limited time.

I won’t say they are the answer to all your problems, but I certainly can tell you that when you have the complete roadmap laid out for you, starting with nutrition first and have the coaching to fast track your results, well then my friend you are EMPOWERED!

Find out why Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans SUCK NO MORE!

Yeah… if you’ve read this far and you are a loyal friend of mine, then you deserve a break.  For a limited time… I’m thinking March 1-10, my complete coaching transformation empowered nutrition meal plans and workout programs are reduced from the original meal plans ONLY price of $77 to the all inclusive $39.95

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Empowered Nutrition Transformation Meal Plans, Workouts and Coaching Program

OK, here we go.  Add a comment below.  If we get 25 legitimate comments in 48 hours, I will give one of these bad boys away free to a lucky comment poster on Friday March 9, 2012.

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