YIPEE! I landed my first cover…

OK before you read any further I have to say this is the exact email subject line I got from Vince the other day.

Yippee! I Landed My First Cover With

My Beautiful Wife So We’re Celebrating…”

Pretty cool as I can relate to the energy and excitement of landing your first cover.  I still reminisce about landing my first calendar cover [Men at Work].  It was a bit cheesey but cool none the less.

So I am stepping out and asking you to JOIN me in a simple “CONGRATS” to Vince and Flavia Delmonte for landing BOTH their first covers.  I am so proud of them both and it means more to me, knowing that on that cover stand two of my friends and all around great people.

Give Vince and Flavia a little love, just “LIKE” this post or take that next step and comment below.

Here is the cover that should be hitting the magazine racks anytime now.

Vince Delmonte, Flavia Delmonte, FitnessX, Magazine Cover http://empowerednutrition.com

If you have a hankering to have a great body like these two and get on stage, then I highly recommend you check out this little known web page from Vince and Flavia.

Check it out ==> “YIPEE… I landed my first cover…”Vince Delmonte

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